AutoTouch for iOS 8 is released in Cydia/BigBoss!


From now on you can timely get the newer versions of AutoTouch from the repo source of ourselves at :

Now you can add this repo to your Cydia, then find and install AutoTouch for iOS 8 there.

Meanwhile, all the editions of AutoTouch will be released in Cydia/BigBoss as usual, for BigBoss updates only one time a day, so we build a repo by ourselves, you can install it from anywhere.

Good luck, and have a nice day!

What AutoTouch is?


AutoTouch is a ”macro making and playing” app for Android and iOS. It’s used to record and play back the operations in mobile device.Even more we use it to run the lua scripts written beforehand to implement more powerful features.We can use it to play games automatically to gain more score and coins, or use it to simulate human operations to test our programs with nobody.It needs root or jailbreak the device to install and  supports above iOS 6.x by now.

Now AutoTouch has the ability to record and play back most of the actions such as touches, home button click, volume button click, ringer switch, lock button click at home screen and any other apps with accurate and smooth experience.It also provides the functions for screenshot,screenshot for region,get color of specified point, find point fit specified color, find specified image from the screen and many others.With these you can already control your device freely and skillfully.

How to Use it?